Monday, November 17, 2014

Holiday Fun

Normally I would not start even Thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving but with Christmas coming so quickly afterwards this year I've got to get busy!! I had a day off today so I readied my dinning room for turkey day. Then I moved to the basement to pull out my most dreaded ( but favorite) Christmas decorations....candles for the windows. Some may be wondering why this is such a big deal. We'll if you knew me you would know 1. They are a tangled mess, as excited as I am to decorate I am just that excited to undecorate Dec 27. ( aka toss everything in a box not very tidy)
Also I live in a older home so outlets are not everywhere I want them to be. And I always think every single December why don't you call an electrician and add more.  I am thinking that again right now!
I'm not plugging these beauties in until right before Thanksgiving but I'm getting it ready.

I think I am so excited about Christmas because all of our children will be home!!!  It's going to be festive around here.  And yes I did just jump right back in to blogging with no explanation. Hopefully I'll keep it up:)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Well Hello

Hello Blogger Friends
I'm not sure if anyone even blogs anymore but I am back for another try at it! I have become a little obsessed with Pinterest, Instagram and all the rest but after reading some recent blogs I remember how much fun it was,

I am so ready for Spring these days. I cannot wait to dig in the dirt and in my mind transform my yard. I've gotten about 50, yes 50 spring/summer bulbs to put out. Haven't tried that in a while but I hope they come up.  Planning a big party in May, outdoors, lots of lights and flowers and such so I have motivation to spruce up. I'll post pics of my ideas when I figure out how to do that again.  Ok enough for now, I've got a lot of blog reading to catch up on,,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello Again

Wow, I just went back through and read my old blogs! That is a strange thing to do but boy has my life changed. I am very happy now. I guess blogging started as a fun hobby but turned into sort of a therapy thing for me. Anyway happy to report my family...all of them are doing great. I am still working my fun part time jobs but not quite as many hours and I am really enjoying life. I am wondering should I delete all my old post and move on to a brand new happy ones? I will have to ponder that. Hope everyone is doing well out in blogger land. Facebook and twitter have really taken over since I started this so I am not even sure if anybody out there even reads these anymore. But if you do Hello again and I am going to have a cute spring post soon. XOXO Oh by the way this is my 100th post!!! (knew I was holding out for a good one)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Oh how I love Spring weather. Today I planted my window boxes and pots and the kids even helped and cleaned out the gutters. Our yard looks so much better. Next weekend maybe we will even get some pine needles out. Life has been pretty eventful lately but we are geting through it. I got the cutest aidorandack chairs today at Biig Lots (yes Big Lots!!!). They are heavy duty plastic and only cost $15.00 but they are perfect for outdoor summer chairs. Little things make a difference sometimes don.t they. I also cleaned up the inside of my house so I am feeling very accomplished at the moment.
There is a huge Auction/party here tonight and I chose not to go for many reasons. I know it will be fabulous but I was just not in the mood.  I have really sweet friends that I could go with and they sincerely wanted me too, but it is still a little awkward, . Anyway looking forward to the Easter Holidsay it will be here before you know it. Love, love this time of year. Have a Happy weekend!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Happy Valentines Day to my blogger friends. May all your days be filled with love and happiness. XOXOXOXO!!!!!!!!!!!!