Sunday, January 24, 2010


My 15 year old has a great gig this weekend. She has been asked to go to the Homestead to help babysit. She gets free ski lessons to boot. I have never been there but I have heard wonderful things about it. Well with that said of course we had to go get some essentials for the trip. If you are going to a five star hotel you need to look kinda cute. (honestly we borrowed most of the ski clothing since it would be silly to purchase for one weekend right now) but she has been wanting a pair of grey uggs for some time now so this was a good excuse to get them. Hence the trip to Southpark mall. We rushed into Nordstroms and found the Uggs in the right size and color (miracle!) Then we hit up Dicks for some great glove and hat and etc sales. While we were there she decided that a black Lacoste shirt was really something she needed. Now granted she babysits all the time and could have paid the $79.00 for the shirt but I said no that is ridiculous I can find it for a much better price. That is crazy for a shirt. (I really was not sure if I could but I am too practical for that business) Well low and behold hello ebay I found the perfect one right size right color for 32.00. I am so proud of myself. She too was thrilled!

We did have a fun day being together, those times are fewer and fewer as she get older, will be getting her drivers license in a few months. Independence is a good thing and you can't stop it from happening so I am going to embrace it. With all the hours I am working it will really make me feel good for her to be able to go where she needs to go and not have to wait on me. Remind me I said that in a few months.

It is a rainy Sunday here today, did make it to church and the sermon was good. The minister reminded us that we don't come to church just be fed spiritually we come to be a part of the whole body of Christ. Sometimes I expect too much from our church staff and I have to remind myself the actually church is just a building we go to. Our faith and belief is what our relationship with God is all about. Although I am not gonna lie I do like to fell empowered by a message when I leave.

Well, enough said I am going to make a big baked Ziti casserole for dinner tonight. Oh, just a note college boy has a really weird schedule and does not have class on Friday and Monday Classes do not start til 3:0 on Monday so guess who is staying for dinner? I will have to write a post about him soon.....a lot....a lot has gone on. Miss my sweet K at college but so glad she is happy. If you are reading this I'll cook for you too soon. XOXO
Happy Sunday to all!


Lisa said...

My two girls have similar schedules in school too. One (NC State) does not have any classes on Friday either. Her Monday classes are 10:00 and 5:00 on Monday. The other one (UNC) doesn't have classes on Thursday. She has been coming home on Wednesday evenings and going back on Friday mornings for her 10:00 class. They both are only 30 minutes away so they can come and go when they want to.

I don't recall ever having such luck when I was in school.

nanc said...

I have a son who will be starting college in the fall. I love hearing about other boys and college. We're actually going to his school to take a math placement test and plan his schedule the end of February.